VR application development

Development of virtual reality applications is a new stage of  your business development and growth.

The use of modern technologies in the field of VR development, allows companies to grow faster and reach new heights.  Thanks to the exciting and interesting process of virtual reality, there is a new opportunity to promote your product or service. Now you don't have to have huge showrooms and constantly update them, you can do it all in VR.  

According to the leading California Institute of Analytics and Consumer Insights, the use of VR technology for entrepreneurs will increase by 70% by 2025. This means that if you want to keep up with the times and receive a full competitive advantage on the market, you have to implement VR and AR technologies into your project.

VR application development is one of the main focus areas of Live Animations. Our team of professionals has many years of experience in VR mobile apps development for iOS and Android devices. As well as other developing platforms.

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What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual reality (VR) - a digital environment created with the help of modern technologies and equipment. It can be experienced with the help of special equipment (usually a headset). The technology can be used to supplement existing business projects and create new opportunities for companies.

The unique VR performance allows it to engage hearing, sight, touch, and other human senses.

The data transfer takes place through special devices, glasses or a headset.

What attracts users in VR? Virtual reality makes the world around us more interesting and informative, it increases the speed of getting the necessary information about it, and the process of obtaining data becomes more convenient for perception, assimilation, and use. This is especially important for potential buyers of expensive goods - planes, helicopters, luxury cars, huge villas. 

Virtual Reality Uses for Business

The use of virtual reality opens up new horizons of possibilities for both large, constantly developing companies and newcomers to the market and helps both to attract attention, improve brand loyalty and increase profits.

The areas of use are almost limitless:

Real Estate and Architecture
Retail and Supermarkets
Advertising and Marketing
Exhibitions and Museums
Manufacturing sector
Medicine and Ecology
Restaurant Business

The benefits of working with us

We specialize in the design and development of VR projects of different levels of complexity.
Full development cycle from 0 to 100% result (from idea development to technical support after the launch)
Extensive experience in creating AR and VR projects for different areas worldwide.
A team of professionals, the trendsetter on the AR/VR market.

Price of VR application development

The cost of the development of a ready VR project depends on many factors and the client’s goals. After receiving all information about the project and its details, we are happy to provide a development price and timeline. We will help you understand and lay out the project scope and the Terms of Reference.

Service of VR application development can be ordered in just a few clicks. Our managers are always ready to consult you and answer any of your questions.

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