Development of mixed reality MR applications

The development of MR applications creates a new and unique marketing tool for businesses that promote goods and services. This is digital marketing of a new digital level - you do not just see a digital 3D picture, you can change it with a single movement. 

Mixed reality (MR) allows you to see and interact with real and virtual objects. Mixed reality applications became possible thanks to computer vision systems development, graphics processing power, display technology, and input systems.

What is Mixed Reality?

Mixed reality is your next step into the future, it helps to increase brand loyalty and to make your potential customer's decision-making process much easier.

MR apps can combine the strengths of augmented reality and virtual reality. This is the new technology. With it, we can create not just augmented worlds, but the different ones that interact even more strongly with the users.

Bill Gates, the co-​founder of Microsoft Corporation, once said the following: - If your business doesn’t use new technologies for promotion, then it doesn’t belong to the future.

Our team of experts brings to life complex and amazing projects in the field of mixed and augmented reality.

Being highly experienced in development, we provide our clients with the latest advances in digital marketing.

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Where Mixed Reality can be used?

Mixed reality technology allows the user to see, hear and interact with others in 3D as if they were present in the same physical space. Communicating and interacting with remote users becomes as natural as face-to-face interactions.

For example, when an employee wearing MR glasses examines a system at a remote location, the appearing diagnostic information indicates a system malfunction in the field of his view. If the employee can't solve the problem himself, experienced technicians at another location can provide him with detailed digital troubleshooting instructions and then guide him through the repair process quickly and efficiently. In this and similar cases for different industries and operating models, MR allows useful information to be delivered wherever the job is done - on site, in the production facility or on the street.

With MR, there is no longer a need to show dozens of product samples in various configurations to the customer. Instead, only one sample can be used, and customers can try on the various options themselves in mixed reality.

Mixed reality is used in many areas of business, from classic options to IT companies.

Real Estate and Architecture
Staff training and development
Retail and Supermarkets
Cybersports & Entertainment
Advertising & Marketing
Exhibitions and Museums
Manufacturing sector
Restaurant business

The benefits of working with us

We have years of experience in achieving results for your business by using mixed and augmented reality technologies
Long-term cooperation with the world's major brands: Ferrero, Oriflame, Billa, LG U+, Disney, Auchan.
Extensive experience in creating AR and MR projects for different areas and purposes
A team of professionals that is a trendsetter on the mixed reality market.

Price of MR application development

You can find out the cost of mixed reality app development after providing the necessary information about the project. If you are at the idea development stage, we will always help and answer any of your questions.

You can order the MR applications development in just a few clicks. Our managers are always ready to consult you and answer any of your questions.

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