Loyalty programs for FMCG

Loyalty program for FMCG - a marketing tool that is designed to reward customers. It helps to encourage customers to continue to shop or use the services of the company.

Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)Loyalty is earned, not bought. It is important to understand that loyalty is a two-way relationship. And the more interaction, the higher the involvement. The aim of the AR loyalty programs we've created is to increase engagement at all stages of the buying process.  That's why it's important to encourage interactions with your product.

FMCG brands constantly have to overcome challenges to attract new customers. Therefore, it is very important to retain existing loyal customers. Mainly FMCG brands sell their products through intermediaries (supermarkets, online stores, pharmacies, gas stations) and have no direct influence on their customers.

AR/VR solutions help to bypass the intermediate layers and directly reach the end consumer. This enables the FMCG brand to connect with its customers and increase product loyalty.

The consumer's desire to choose a certain brand over and over again does not arise on its own. It is the result of the smart actions of marketers, who always have to use the most effective and relevant tools. Without a doubt, loyalty programs with AR/VR are one of them.  

These innovative marketing tools allow you to gain direct communication with your customer.  All the customer needs to do is point the smartphone camera at your product packaging. 

A great opportunity to take your brand or service to a new level, the level your competitors don’t even know about yet.

Of course, creating additional value for your customers is important. Still, the value of a reward to customers is not determined by its value alone. Sometimes it's enough to pay attention, to understand the desires and needs of your end customers.

The value of rewards must be matched with the effort required to obtain them, otherwise, customers will quickly lose interest and interaction will decline.

We use proven and tested methods to create innovative loyalty programs. That is why we can help you understand your target audience's true value and give them that value.

You'll be able to reach new markets and increase sales thanks to the most advanced technologies we provide you with.

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Implementation of AR Loyalty Programs for FMCG.

It works for all kinds of products in packaging. Packaging becomes more valuable because it turns into a communication line between the brand and the customer:

Confectionery industry
Confectionery industry
Breakfast cereal
Breakfast cereal
Child nutrition
Child nutrition
All kinds of snacks
All kinds of snacks

Advantages of AR/VR loyalty programs for the FMCG sector

You will be able to:

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Choosing us as your partner will be the best step you take to increase your brand loyalty.

We believe that a one-size-fits-all approach doesn't work because every business faces unique challenges
We develop AR programs to keep customers engaged on a regular basis.
We create loyalty programs with AR/VR that really work
We have 6 years of practical experience in developing loyalty program for the FMCG sector.

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The price of loyalty program for FMCG development

The cost of loyalty program development, based on augmented or virtual reality, is calculated individually with each client.

We take into account all the wishes and needs of the FMCG brand to create a ready-made working loyalty system.

Our team will help you with the utmost meticulousness to create a description and purpose of your product or service.

We create the most attractive, effective, and successful AR solutions for our customers, which help them build and develop strong relationships with their consumers.


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