Loyalty programs for retail

A retail loyalty program is a type of reward program that's built from the ground up to answer the industry-specific challenges that most retailers face. This market has an inherently high purchase frequency since customers have access to a wide range of products from various brands.

What is a loyalty program?

A loyalty program is an organized action leading to the average transaction value increase and evoking consumers’ positive emotions regarding the retail brand. 

What is retail?

Retail is a retail format in which a retailer sells a wide range of goods through its retail network. 

The benefits of this solution are the following:

The retail loyalty program is one of the most important marketing tools for retailers in this highly competitive market. 

It is very important for retailers to build customer relationships.

The use of innovative loyalty programs with AR/VR/MR helps to create this strong positive emotional connection between customers and the retailer brand. 

A well-developed, innovative loyalty program satisfies two of children's most pressing needs at once: entertainment and learning. This ensures the formation of strong positive emotions both in children and their parents. The result is a long-term economic effect and differentiation of the retail brand among competitors.

It is important to note that the constant work of the existing and attracted audience through digital loyalty programs increases sales in the short and medium term.

This means that using the latest technologies in marketing for business, can not only bring profits for the business but also optimize costs per user engagement.

The trick is that AR technology today allows you to have a tremendous competitive advantage in creating the loyalty programs of the future.

Types of interaction mechanics

Several types of consumer interaction mechanics are used in the development of innovative retail loyalty programs with augmented, virtual and mixed reality content:

The benefits

The use of innovative loyalty programs allows you to give customers an additional service that evokes a strong positive emotional response. Moreover, the use of AR/VR/MR technology moves the retailer to the league of high-tech companies, which positively affects the brand image.

Where can it be launched?

Any retail chains
Any retail chains
Coffee chains
Coffee chains
Gas station chains
Gas station chains
 Beauty salon chains
Beauty salon chains

The benefits of working with us

Years of experience in the development, launch, and maintenance of successful loyalty programs for large retailers
Successful experience in creating loyalty programs that combine activities in the physical and virtual worlds
Usage of proven mechanisms for successful loyalty programs development
Performing the full cycle of loyalty program development: from the idea concept development to the support of the launched program.

The cost of loyalty program development

Each loyalty program for retailers is an exclusive product. Its price is determined individually depending on the immensity and complexity of objectives set by the client.

Therefore, the cost of service on loyalty program development is calculated individually. We take into account all your goals and preferences. We carry out analytics and create an optimal work plan.

We always help our clients to understand the first steps and together we fill in the information for the beginning of cooperation.

Due to the accumulated experience of many successful loyalty programs for businesses from various segments, we will be able to choose the best and most effective strategy for the implementation of such a program exclusively for your company.

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