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With the help of augmented reality, we aim to make reading easier, more comprehensible and exciting.

Augmented reality technology helps turn the paper book that we all have from childhood into a full-fledged multimedia platform with an incredible number of possibilities. Thanks to AR, exciting 3D animations unfold on the pages of the book, and your favorite characters come to life and invite you into the world of fun and educational games.

The main goal of creating AR is to make the book more attractive, modern and interesting. Unlike a regular book, an edition with augmented reality can undoubtedly compete with computer games and cartoons, which are currently the focus of children's attention, because they adore the latest technologies. However, AR has a book, a cartoon and games rolled into one.

So, the most important task of creating AR for books is to be able to combine an interesting activity with a useful one and make the educational process interactive and exciting.


We develop some books from scratch, that is, we start together with the author simply by creating illustrations. Other books have ready-made illustrations and our team is working on creating 3D animations and 3D models.

An interesting case was the creation of 3D models of the characters of the Little Hippo publishing house, since the rights to use this character belong to the Disney corporation, we had to go through multi-level approval of all 3D content. Everything from the smoothness of Mickey Mouse's limb bends to his temperament was checked for compliance with corporate standards. We took into account all the requirements of the licensor and the project was completed successfully on time and the books hit the store shelves on time.

The game is one of the most effective forms of learning. It has long been proven that forced methods of raising the level of knowledge do not work. So, to attract the attention of children, our team is also working on creating educational games in AR. In this way, books become not only more interesting, but also much more useful for young readers.

In fact, the marketing possibilities of immersive technologies know no bounds. So, while there is a desire to completely immerse yourself in a fairy-tale world, virtual reality comes to the rescue. So, for example, our team developed the first VR game for the KAZKA loyalty program. The characters of this book come to life in VR and not only explain to children the need to take care of the environment and nature in general, but also invite them to their magical VR world where they together overcome obstacles and learn important things.

We create completely different visual and interactive components in AR, bright, fairy-tale locations, add fun and stimulating music, which in turn complement the text so that books with augmented reality help children better understand and remember information.

Thanks to such decisions, the child learns new knowledge easily and without difficulty, and parents do not have to puzzle over the task of how to draw the attention of the child to the greatest source of knowledge - books.


As a result of each collaboration, we receive countless positive feedback from parents about the effective attraction of children's attention to reading books. The advantages of using the latest technologies are appreciated not only by parents, but also by market experts. For example, the book "Sharmuziki" was included in the list of BBC Books of the Year 2019 in the "Book for children" category, and its author became widely known despite the fact that these books were his debut on the book market.

For the creation of augmented reality for Little Hippo books, we received one of the most prestigious independent awards - the Parents Choice Award, and Walmart acquired the exclusive rights to sell the publisher's AR books.

The application, which was created for LG U+, has already been downloaded by more than 500,000 users. And that's considering it's only available on Google Play and only to LG U+ customers in South Korea.

KAZKA books were so popular that the retail store where this loyalty promotion took place had to order an additional print run, and they decided to extend the program for another month.

During the loyalty promotion in the ATB-market chain, more than a million copies of AR-books "Alice in Wonderland" were sold. The average check and the number of new retail visitors increased significantly, and the application was in first place in the top of the Apple Store and Google Play for almost a month.

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