Lasunka – large ice cream and other frozen foods manufacturer. The company has been producing ice cream since 1997. It has a wide assortment of more than 120 types of products. More than 1000 employees work for the enterprise. At present, the Lasunka company is already a group of five enterprises and is a recognized global player.


To attract new customers and turn them into loyal ones, beat the competition, and become an ice cream market leader with the help of innovative AR marketing tools built in the unique mobile app.


Children are the major consumers of ice cream. Also, they love cartoons and games. Thus, we decided to raise brand awareness and loyalty by providing young sweet tooths with their favorite content. Our team has developed unique cartoon characters - the Yeti family. These are snow people from another planet - mom, dad, son, and daughter. The Yeti’s home planet has become too hot, so they moved to Earth and are doing their best to cool both our planet and themselves.

Twenty small augmented reality episodes feature the adventures of the Yeti family. Each episode ended with an offer to taste delicious ice cream. To continue watching the series, users had to download the free My Yeti app and scan the packaging of Lasunka brand ice cream.


The success of this case has exceeded the wildest expectations - the sales grew by 2.5 times. In addition, the ice cream brand has received gold at the International Advertising Festival in the Best Advertising Innovations category.

The chosen marketing strategy was a hit with users. The following review on the App Store says it all about the project’s success: “Such a great app! The child loves the cartoon series and has watched it many times so far. It is amazing that the heroes can be turned around and seen from different sides. It is a pity that you can't open new episodes without a new ice cream packaging. I bought and scanned almost 20 of them for purpose, and got only a few different cartoons. And now it is impossible to find this ice cream at all."

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