Zspace has developed a laptop for working with AR / VR content

Zspace introduced a kids-friendly laptop that allows  you to interact with AR / VR data.

A set of specially designed glasses that help to perceive the virtual content is included to  Zspace laptop pack. The user is also prompted to use the stylus with six degrees of freedom to enable selection of objects on the screen and move them in three-dimensional space.

These two elements combined with built-in tracking sensors provide the laptop with technology to track head and hand movements, as well as dynamically adjust the viewing perspective in Full HD.

− The experience of using a computer has hardly changed since the appearance of the mouse and the touch screen in the 1980s. With Zspace technology, we completely rethink the capabilities of personal computers, removing the barrier between our eyes and the content with which we interact, which allows us to immerse ourselves in games and incredibly interactive applications for education, e-commerce, businesses and more. Our Zspace laptop combines all the amazing features in an economical and efficient format that can be taken anywhere”, says Paul Kellenberger, Zspace CEO.

Zspace laptop specifications

If the laptop is not used to interact with AR / VR content, you can work with it as with a standard Windows 10 PC.

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