Zara: augmented reality as way to bring the customer back into the real world

Now buyers could watch in Zara’s stores large displays which show AR-images of the latest novelties and observe the chosen goods in augmented reality while buying them through the application.

Clients could get an opportunity of using an app via focusing their devices onto a packing of the goods delivered to their homes. The packing will perform more than merely utilitarian function: the clients will be able to watch all the accessible novelties in augmented reality through mobile app Zara, via focusing their smartphones onto an old packing. Whether any new functions will be also accessible, is still unknown.

Some advanced retails already use a technology of augmented reality in marketing. However, generally it is used exclusively in Internet and mobile apps and intended to assist the buyers to “try” the chosen goods on their houses and home interiors and see how one or another item would look like in certain place.

But Zara has chosen a fundamentally different approach. According to executive director of Inditex (Zara’s parent company) Pablo Isla, this solution will facilitate merging of real and virtual world.

Within the last year sales in Zara retail chains have significantly decreased, and at the same time a remarkable growth of sales in Internet was noted. That is why this gag is designed to join online shopping with sales in retail stores, using the potential of new technologies as driving force. Despite the fact virtual shopping spreads more and more, Zara is ready to face the challenge of bringing the clients back to real stores.

Zara starts implementing the new technology in its 120 stores already in the next month.

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