Wonderland-AR: First outcomes

Wonderland AR is a unique product combining augmented reality technology the highest level and one of the most popular children's books - Alice in Wonderland.

It became a real success from the first day of the book sale start. The excitement began from the first days of realization and on the 10th day the books were completely sold out.

The desired goals have been achieved:

- more than 250,000 downloads have been made during 2 weeks since the launch date of this Application

- Wonderland AR has been included in the TOP-10 Google Play and Apple Store apps during 2 weeks since December 15.

- Wonderland AR was taking the first place in the categories of Purchases and Entertainment in Google Play and Apple Store during 12 days.

- customer traffic to the Trading Network has increased by 3 times

- positioning of the Trading Network as an innovative one has intensified

- a new customer traffic has been attracted

- system of loyalty has allowed to stimulate the sale of certain products in the Trading Network

- social activity of buyers in social networks has exceeded all expectations

And the most important is that the Application reviews and ratings equal to 4.76 reflect the full delight and admiration of children and their parents with this product.

These figures indicate a high level of AR's influence on sales growth.

The high-quality innovative product with AR has become a real marketing solution for standing out in the market among other competitors, and the sales result has exceeded all expectations of the customer.

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