Whirlpool brand has released the Connected Hub Wall Oven with augmented reality.

At CES, Whirlpool's trademark, with the help of augmented reality, represents a completely new experience in automated cooking for families. While traditional modern ovens are focused only on optimizing work, the Whirlpool Connected Hub wall-mounted oven will enhance cooking possibilities in the kitchen.

“We know that between homework, buzzing cell phones and a lot of scheduled tasks on some days, eating at the table may seem like an impossible task. Our new wall-mounted oven Connected Hub will serve as an assistant in the kitchen - offering recipes based on host preferences, cooking tips and providing step-by-step cooking instructions right out of the oven door. It will offer families a completely new, automated way to serve food,” said Jennifer Tayebi, communications brand manager at Whirlpool.

The features of the Whirlpool Connected Hub wall-mounted oven with AR include:

1. The oven offers integration with family calendars. If the system sees several evening commitments, as well as a 45-minute window for dinner with the whole family, it will offer a quick recipe that meets these requirements.

2. With the help of step-by-step video instructions based on the Yummly platform using the LCD screen, families will be able to follow the recipes placed directly on the oven door.

3. With an internal vision system that is integrated into the oven itself, it has an extreme zoom. Families can check the readiness of the food without opening the oven door.

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