We’ve launched dance madness with Tic Tac

As a foundation of this project, we used fun, dances, and, of course, augmented reality, which is able to multiply these things tenfold. It was hard for us to decide which characters should be created for a fun project like this: just cartoon characters seemed not interesting enough, while characters of dancers were too boring for us. As a result, our designers created more than 20 unique designs of dance-monsters, from which only two made it to the final version.

Now, everything you need to do to start a fun dance-party is to scan a barcode on a TIc Tac box using the free app, place the dance-monsters around, and hit the music by pressing the “Play” button. The monsters would immediately begin dancing right in front of you and your friends and colleagues could them while you make cool photos and videos with the dancing characters to share in the social media.

This fun AR app would definitely make your spring and summer more groovy and musical this year!

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