We’ve made Alien 40th anniversary screenings special with AR

All true Alien fans who came to see the iconic movie in 10 Kinepolis cinemas in France on May 24th had an opportunity to have a new taste of a classic horror and feel what it is like to be attacked by the Facehugger. After scanning a QR code on a cinema screen or a poster, their smartphone turned into a real Alien motion tracker, beeping alarmingly about an approached Alien. After this suspense, a Facehugger jumped out on a person that holds a mobile device, clawing around his or her head. To get rid of the monster, a person had to shake his or her head, but only to find out that the infection had already occured.

You can try the effect yourself if you dare, here is the link: (https://www.facebook.com/fbcameraeffects/tryit/332322024140363/ )

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