Unites Loyalty Promotion

The Unites Loyalty Promotion stands as a potent force, bringing together Ukrainian businesses and citizens for a noble cause.

Through the collaborative efforts of Live Animations, UNITED24, and NTI Loyalty, an innovative charitable loyalty promotion, employing augmented reality, was born. The Unites initiative not only emerged as a robust fundraising tool for humanitarian demining in Ukraine but also served as a means to unite businesses and citizens in the spirit of charity, bolstering the patriotic fervor among Ukrainians.

A pivotal goal of the Unites loyalty promotion was to raise 10 million hryvnias for the critical task of demining in Ukraine. UNITED24, the official fundraising platform of Ukraine, with President Volodymyr Zelensky as its visionary inspiration, enthusiastically joined in the project's implementation. Among the ambassadors of UNITED24 were a host of globally renowned figures like Mark Hamill, Andriy Shevchenko, Imagine Dragons, and others. Additionally, an indispensable facet of the program was its partnership with NTI Loyalty.

Moreover, socially conscious retail networks throughout Ukraine also rallied behind this charitable endeavor. Among them were the "Podorozhnyk" pharmacy chain, supermarkets "Varus," "Prostor," "BRSM-Nafta," "Kopiyka," "Rukavychka," "Delvi," and "Alma."

Central objectives of the Unites loyalty promotion included elevating the average transaction amount, amplifying sales of partner products, acquiring new customers, heightening competitiveness, and fostering a lasting, positive emotional rapport between retailers and patrons.

Thanks to the ingenious brainchild of the Live Animations team, every participant in the campaign could download the complimentary mobile game Unites from either the Apple Store or Play Market, immersing themselves in an exhilarating adventure alongside Ukrainian superheroes. Within the app, each image on the cards (a fundamental component of the loyalty promotion) could be scanned and brought to life. This allowed users to train Unites and assemble an invincible team to vanquish orcs in augmented reality, all while contributing to the charitable cause! On this digital battleground, Unites battled invaders and their military machinery. Additionally, users could also scan other elements of the loyalty promotion, such as stickers featuring Ukrainian superheroes, as well as unique magnets.

An additional feature of the program was the collectible album — a collector's item used for housing the card collection and for training and enhancing scanned characters in augmented reality.

Thanks to Unites, the primary objective was realized — 5 704 604 hryvnias were raised for the crucial demining efforts in Ukraine. The app garnered a rating of 4.8 in the App Store and 4.9 in the Play Market, attesting to the high level of engagement and the program's laudable standing.

Through its innovative approach and the fervent support of partners and participants, Unites proved to be a successful fundraising tool, as well as an effective marketing strategy for attracting clients, boosting loyalty, and increasing average transaction amounts. The sustained success is underscored by the app's outstanding ratings in both the App Store and Play Market.

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