This July, you could jump in the moon boots of Apollo 11 astronauts

16 July 2019 marks 50 years since the historic launch of Apollo 11 mission to the Moon. Augmented reality will help to make this anniversary even more special through a free AR app Apollo’s Moon Shot. Through this app, users could see the launch of Saturn V rocket, landing of the moon module to the Moon surface, and even try Lens Armstrong’s space suit.

There are several unique space-themed activities offered in the app, including a portal straight to the lunar surface, launch of the lifesize Saturn V rocket, and selfies in a real spacesuit.

In addition to fun activities, the app has neat educational features that help to learn more about this historical event. Thanks to program’s partner, Smithsonian museum, users can take a 360 degree look through AR to several artefacts from the mission.

The app is free and already available for iOS and Android, so hurry up and join Apollo 11 mission!

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