Live Animations enters the South Korean AR market

South Korean telecommunications and mobile phone operator LG U + launched a large advertising campaign featuring the high-speed 5G network. It contains a free digital children's library app that has 50 AR books.

It was impossible to produce all 50 books from scratch because of project deadline that was given by LG U+ management. Therefore, the Koreans just decided to buy exclusive rights on BookFul’s ready mobile application and content to use it in their country.

Though the product was localized, still it wasn’t unique and hence could not completely satisfy customers. That is why they decided to add to the finished AR library two exclusive books specially designed for the South Korean children’s audience. They have chosen our company as the contractor for this. After talking everything through with LG U +, we settled on the timeless classics fairy tales “Cinderella” and “The Three Little Pigs”. The project is successfully completed now. These two books have already been downloaded over 75,000 times.

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