The huge company, TOYS 'R' US, is starting to use AR to attract customers this season

The retail giant is doing its best to keep up with the growth in online sales, which are dominated by companies such as Amazon, so it is considering a new way to attract customers to the stores with AR. 

Called Play Chaser, the AR experience starts this week in 23 US Toys 'R' Us stores , before expanding nationwide on October 21. Using a tablet or a smartphone, Toys 'R' Us mascot, Jeffrey, will greet the buyers and instruct them. 

They will be able to follow the flashing signs on the floor, which will point them to a specific shelf with a sign on it. Then this sign is scanned, unlocking a toy or a game in AR. The free application created in partnership with PlayFusion is available through the Apple App Store, Google Play or Amazon Appstore. 

The users perform tasks for which they receive stars. The more stars the user collects, the more content will be unlocked. These tasks can range from a virtual basketball hoop that children can shoot by themselves or with friends in-store, to a nursery, where they can choose a unique digital You & Me doll, take it home and take care of it. 

''It’s going to transform the experience of coming into a Toys 'R' Us bricks and mortar store and turn it into something that’s quite different and a lot more fun,'' CEO Dave Brandon told USA Today.''We believe that’s going to drive a lot more traffic into our stores which will ultimately put us in a position where we can be more successful at growing our sales and our company.''

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