The 7-Eleven chain uses augmented reality to attract football fans

7-Eleven couldn’t get enough running the official sponsor of the NFL pizza for football fans, and used the Pizza Hut's playbook fragment with the game in augmented reality.

Until December 31, in the 7-Eleven Mobile App for iOS and Android users can play football with augmented reality to test their defender skills. Consumers will be able to use AR Face filters and get access to more games.

The virtual defender must transfer a piece of pig skin to different distances, getting points for it. Players are awarded 7 points for their achievements, which can be exchanged in 7-Eleven for drinks and snacks. Within one day you can collect a maximum of 30 points, after which the game is suspended.

Players can get more experience in the game with augmented reality with the help of special scanning codes in the shops of 7-Eleven in Baltimore, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Washington, Buffalo, Chicago, Miami, New England, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Seattle and Tampa Bay.

"There is no kind of sports in the US to be more popular than football. Every week, millions of people come to the stadiums, to friends' homes or to their TVs to cheer their favorite teams, and, of course, to eat and drink," said Sean Thompson, senior vice president of 7-Eleven, Inc.

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