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Ukrainian branch of international supermarket chain BILLA, one of the market-leading retail grocers in Europe, that belongs to the Austrian concern REWE International AG. The company was the first international retail chain to enter the Ukrainian market. At the time of the Singing Farm loyalty program launch, BILLA-Ukraine has grown into a network of 35 supermarkets with a total of 32,500 square meters of floor space. The chain offers up to 12,000 items. BILLA regularly runs loyalty programs, including the ones with augmented reality technology.


The client wanted us to create a unique, innovative loyalty program with AR technology. The main project’s objectives were the following:


Together with the Ugears company, we have developed a unique game. One part of it takes place in the physical world and includes wooden self-assembly toys and a wooden platform to place them on. The other part takes place in the virtual (digital) world, where the collected heroes come to life in a free AR app with karaoke inside.

Ugears, the leading manufacturer of eco-friendly plywood mechanical model kits, carried out the development and production of toys and platforms. As they are made from wood, these toys won’t pollute the environment in the future.

The Live Animations team was fully responsible for the concept of the heroes; terms and conditions of the game; design; digital part; and marketing content development.

The Singing Farm project is a result of the effective joint work of two professional teams.

Target Audience

The program is designed for families with children. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that this family-friendly game can engage multiple generations. It helps to unite the family, motivates to collect the entire set of heroes, improves customer engagement, and builds strong brand-customer attachment.

Game Concept

Real world

Customers can collect a toy set that includes 25 wooden self-assembly toys. Each toy belongs to the Singing Farm. The collection includes a farmer, a couple of buildings, different agricultural equipment, farm animals, and a wooden self-assembly platform (collector). The last one the customers have to buy additionally and after assembling, place all the toys on it. As a result, they get their own mechanical interactive farm. This part of the game facilitates a child’s fine motor development. At the same time, the assembling process is exciting and quite simple, therefore it does not try the kid’s temper and evokes only positive emotions. Naturally, parents get the same positive experience :) A collector’s assembling process is more complicated, time-consuming, and requires an adults’ help. At the same time, the experience comes up to be very exciting. As a result, the retail brand establishes a strong positive emotional connection with the whole family.

Virtual world

Each of the 25 toys can be scanned in the free Singing Farm app. After that, the character of the toy can be viewed in augmented reality and moved to the virtual farm. This part of the loyalty program is mainly aimed at the younger generation. While playing with a virtual farm, a child learns to run a virtual farm business: feed animals, fix equipment, look after the buildings, harvest. For well-timed and correct actions, the player receives virtual currency.

We are proud to note that we were the first in the world to create a loyalty program that includes physical 3D objects (and of such a small size) scanning. Moreover, these toys are completely made of wood and therefore are monochrome, which even more challenges the scanning process. However, in the first days of the program’s launch, some users, especially those with outdated phone models, faced problems with scanning. We, in turn, promptly responded to all complaints to the support service, and the second part of the program had no such issues.

Music Mixer

It is a unique feature of the program. With it, the users can create their own music tracks by mixing the sounds of all inhabitants of the farm directly in the app. Moreover, the user has access to the sounds of only previously scanned characters. Therefore, the more toys there are in the collection, the more interesting the music tracks become. This part of the app engages customers to take part in the program and develops children’s musicality, which, in turn, brings extra parent’s loyalty to the retail brand.

Loyalty Program Terms

It is an instant loyalty program - customers do not need to collect different chips or receipts. For every UAH 139 in a receipt, a customer can at a special price (UAH 2.99) buy a self-assembly toy right at the checkout. The toys are sold in an opaque package so that a customer does not know which character he will get. Also, it is possible to buy a toy separately for UAH 29. The self-assembly mechanical platform (collector) can be bought for UAH 199.

Marketing Support

The Live Animations team was responsible for marketing and content within this program. We provided the following services:


Singing Farm program’s financial performance was twice as high as previous similar Billa chain’s loyalty programs. The conversion rate also surpassed all previous retailer’s marketing programs.

The app’s ratings say it all about its quality:

• Google.Play - 4.3;

• AppStore - 4.6.

To Sum Up

Singing Farm has demonstrated the exceptional effectiveness of innovative loyalty programs with the use of augmented reality technology. The following factors contribute to its high economic results:

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