Shopify uses the fast AR-view function for shopping

Shopify uses augmented reality to give customers the opportunity to better learn the products they are interested in purchasing. Now the company integrates into its platform a new function of fast AR-view with the updated toolkit ARKit 2. The technology is called AR Quick Look.

Companies and brands will be able to download 3D models of their products, and users will be able to view products in the Safari web browser, watching their image as a projection in a real environment.

The new function of Shopify confirms its commitment to innovative technologies.

"We firmly believe that virtual and augmented reality will fundamentally change the shopping process in the future," - Daniel Beauchamp, head of AR / VR's department at Shopify.

After iOS12 appeared on the devices of bigger amount of users, the likelihood that brands will begin to implement new AR-functions on their websites and portals is growing. Thus, with the help of AR, users will have a unique experience of interacting with the products they like.

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