Сarrying out marketing research before creating new products.

The time of year to get ready for school has come and gone, and we, together with our licensees around the world, can sum up the results of our cooperation, and start preparing for the 2018 season with new and improved designs for school stationery products.

In order to provide the maximum value to our customers, we constantly change and improve our designs and animations.

To understand what is interesting to children, we constantly keep abreast with all trends. In addition to statistical analysis of data from the licensees and publicly available information on the Internet, we conduct our own surveys, by interviewing and conducting targeted focus groups among children of different ages. 
The results of such surveys serve as a basis of decision making for Live Animations solutions and a source of ideas for improving the product. 

The last survey was about the design of notebooks to identify patterns of purchasing behavior and understand what the modern children like. Based on the survey results, we received a lot of inspiration and ideas, which will serve as a basis for creating exciting new series of designs for 2018.

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