Sale of the Art Van Franchising franchise using AR

A successful example is the launch by ArtVan
Franchising Company of 3D planner, which allows creating a three-dimensional image of the desired interior. Using the 3D solution planner, MicroD managed to show the potential customers of retail stores an exhibition hall, which housed high-quality 3D model products of ArtVan Franchising.

According to Drew Dolski, Director of Franchise Development of the above Company, customers want to be entertained and engaged just like a retail customer in a showroom. The Company's task is to provide such an opportunity using AR technology. In turn, Vice President of MicroD Keith Jones Company believes that it is necessary to provide the seller with the opportunity to visualize each step in sales. The technology developed by his Company gives such possibility, contributing to the achievement of the goals of franchising of Art Van Franchising.

In conditions of constant growth of the client base of the store owner, it is necessary to display the process of providing information about the product to a new level. Using a 3D planner together with augmented reality applications has made it possible to solve this problem. According to the leading employee of Art Van Franchising Richard Sexton, it was possible not only to please the Company's customers by the decisions that were not originally planned for implementation. It was initiated the beginning of the creation of a whole industry of 3D technologies for a large number of similar applications, using AR.

Thus, the successful experience of one Company, demonstrated to shop owners how to increase sales with the help of Augmented Reality technologies.

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