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The Live Animations team was on a mission to whip up a cutting-edge mobile game using AR for the «Rizdzvonyky» loyalty promotion happening in Silpo supermarkets and Le Silpo delis across Ukraine.

The main squeeze of the project was to shine a spotlight on Ukrainian Christmas traditions. This brainwave came about when Ukraine switched up its celebration date this year. So, the loyalty promotion aimed to snag attention for the age-old customs of Ukrainian Christmas.

This loyalty promotion wasn't just about dropping knowledge bombs; it had some real-deal business goals in its sights. Check these out:

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We've crafted and launched a one-of-a-kind mobile game that invites everyone to join in the Christmas festivities in a unique way. Players get to engage in snowball fights, tackle interesting Christmas quizzes, and decorate their own Christmas locations using candies collected in the game.
As a result, we brought to life a unique augmented reality (AR) Christmas book and 24 AR stickers.

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In a nutshell, the project can be broken down into 6 parts:

Christmas Games: The free app features three games—snowball fights, a Christmas quiz, and the main game, which involves decorating Christmas locations. The main goal of each game is to earn as many candies as possible, which can later be spent on decorations. For the main game, we designed 2 Christmas locations and over 200 decoration elements.

Fortune Telling Cups: This is a limited series of Christmas cups available at Silpo during the promotion. When users scan these cups with their smartphone cameras, they receive random predictions for the year from Silpo. Each person can get up to 3 predictions after scanning the cup in a festive setting. There are over 1000 different predictions available in total.

Integration with the "Silpo" App: The  «Rizdzvonyky» game stands out not only for its enchanting graphics and captivating gameplay but also for integrated quests for users of the «Silpo» app. Players can earn extra candies by completing tasks related to holiday purchases using their Mastercard and other actions directly within the «Silpo» app.

Silpo app screens

Floor AR Stickers: AR characters were developed that come to life when users point their smartphone cameras at floor stickers in Silpo supermarkets.


24 AR Stickers «Rizdzvonyky» :. Participants can scan collectible stickers with their smartphones and enjoy vibrant augmented reality animations. In the  «Rizdzvonyky» app, guests and their children can collect virtual stickers.

Christmas Book: Certain pages with a red marker in the album-style book can be scanned to trigger augmented reality. Through this, the heroes of the  «Rizdzvonyky» campaign share traditions of Ukrainian Christmas.

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