Products with augmented reality (AR) on the shelves of 3650 stores in the US

Brands no longer need to recreate the wheel in search of new tools and solutions to increase sales. The augmented reality is this solution.

In February 2018 in the largest US network of Walmart stores, the sale of AR-books * (Augmented Reality) of American publisher Little Hippo and Live Animations developers started. In total, 4 world-famous children's books from the Little Hippo publishing house are released for sale: "Little Red Riding Hood", "The Three Little Pigs", "The Velveteen Rabbitt", "Masha and The Three Bears", with a circulation of 250,000 copies. The management of Walmart was so inspired by the cooperation of the product, that even before the release of the first series, it was ordered 2 additional products for Christmas by Walmart.

Each book contains more than half of the animated pages (interactive 3D animations) - both the adult and the small reader can interact with the characters: play with them, paint them in real time, look for hidden objects, create music, etc.

Everything works simply: you need to download a free application to your phone, and then point the camera at the pages of the books. The application, in addition to a deep immersion in the text - a fairy tale, allows the reader to do selfies and video with the characters as mementos, and also immediately share them with their friends on social networks.

"In 3 years, Live Animations has opened an new office in the US, increased the development offiсе and signed more than 40 contracts with manufacturers from 15 countries. We work with children and family companies around the world, helping brands to stand out, to increase the frequency of purchases and improve to win the loyalty of our cients," - says Andrey Timoshenko, founder of Live Animations.

AR technology (Augmented Reality) is actively used by marketers around the world, because it has great prospects. This tool can already be used today to solve many problems of the manufacturer: from increasing the frequency of purchases, increasing the buyer's loyalty to the brand to obtaining accurate statistics for analytics and planning.

AR allows you to create a bridge between the manufacturer and the end user, through which you can directly communicate with each client. Now you can know exactly who buys your product and when, time spent with the product, the frequency of purchases by the same client and etc.

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