Perfect Category employs VR technology to increase the volume of goods’ sales

The purpose of this project is giving recommendations to retail stores and marketing brand owners through the use of new technologies (VR and AR) in order to increase volume of sales.

This interesting idea belongs to department Kantar Consulting. The latter provides advisory service to trade agencies, which specialize on retail sales.

Perfect Category employs technology of VR. The main function of this instrument is creation of simulated environment, which imitates process of retail sale in any premise. Such innovation also creates a possibility to anticipate future revenues from sales of goods.

Information about completion of technological solution’s development appeared at the company’s official site. Perfect Category is able to analyze large amounts of information, what renders this solution valid not only for small sailing points, but also for giant supermarkets.

This innovative method envisages creation of virtual environment, which is maximally identical with real market conditions. It determines income level as multi-compartmental model, which stands in strong dependence to the variety of goods being represented, specificity of their location and many other parameters.

The developers note the high performance of this technological solution.  The capacities of Perfect Category allow to analyze simultaneously a few different variations of sailing point practically on-line. Such a feature of program solution could be explained by complex application of two developments from departments RichMix and Retail Virtual Reality. The first is responsible for selection of goods assortment, while the second one calculates the optimal placement of goods in the shop premise.  

According to information provided by news release issued at the company’s official site, Perfect Category allows to create a virtual environment, the application of which allows easy analyze the customers’ preferences and their behavior. The main objective of this technological solution is expansion of market segment, occupied by retail stores. Its tasks are also provision of information to increase profitability of shop facilities and increasing volume of sales of concrete elements of production assortment.

 Department Kantar Consulting was opened very recently — January 3 of this year. Its objective is giving recommendations to various stores and marketing brand owners in order to increase their purchase volumes.

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