With the help of augmented reality, Nissan will allow you to communicate with your loved ones while driving

At the CES exhibition of consumer electronics, Nissan introduced Invisible-to-Visible technology, which is based on augmented reality. This technology demonstrates driving experience in which invisible objects on the road come alive for users.

This conceptual system will combine sensor data on board with information collected from the Nissan AR cloud to display the virtual environment around the vehicle. In the nearest future, Nissan will present a system that will assist the driver.  I2V will eventually allow passengers to visualize the characteristics of the car with the process of driving in real time.

Nissan also seeks to bring elements of virtual social interaction into this experience. As expected, the I2V system will connect drivers with friends and family, which will be displayed as avatars on the passenger seats. In addition, drivers can attract local guides who will recommend places for visitors in unknown area.

— Cars will be autonomous, which will give drivers more time to interact with people. Your companions can be anyone, even if they are not physically with you in the car, because they can be displayed as avatars from the metaverse (also called the AR cloud), said Tetsuro Ueda, a member of the Nissan research team.

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