Music Everywhere is a special application that will teach you how to play the piano.

Augmented reality helps not only to entertain, but also to gain new knowledge. The software Music Everywhere is designed to help quickly and effectively master the musical instrument, learn to improvise in different musical styles.

HoloLens mixed reality glasses complete with the application will help students with different levels of preparation to achieve success in music theory and improve the skills of the game. The cost of ordinary individual lessons with a teacher can be very expensive, but in the Microsoft store you can download the application Music Everywhere for free. For many students, the standard approach to learning can seem boring. The new software product is more interesting than the video lessons, as the student immediately sees how he plays, and the process itself is visualized.

Music Everywhere can be used with Mira glasses, it's a lightweight, augmented reality set for the iPhone. The cost of production is less than $ 200, in contrast to the price of HoloLens, which comes to more than $ 3,000. This partnership with Mira helped to develop in technologies, the innovation of interactive piano learning became available to more Augnemted IDI-over-Bluetooth connection or the built-in Mixed Reality headset from Windows. After connecting a set of augmented reality, users of the application follow the instructions that appear on the instrument itself. Hints will help even the beginner to understand how to start playing. The virtual ensemble will accompany the student, will help to improvise in the style of jazz, rock, blues and classical style. The user will find fascinating interactive lessons, animated demonstrations and practice sessions of the game in this software.

The software product was developed by Set Hlikman, Fu Yen Siao and Lee Bunhvan in 2017. The unique approach of the team was able to realize the strengths of virtual education, and marketing from Microsoft HoloLens helped the application become popular. Music Everywhere won first place among more than 1000 applications sent to the contest in 2017 from Microsoft HoloLens.

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