Marketing campaign Marmite forth by AR.

Company Unilever has created 18-carat gilded jar for brand Marmite, which values 1500 pounds sterling, and will make the main prize for treasure hunt tour in augmented reality. To launch the free game for smartphones the brand has united with app in AR Snatch, the share of the latter it had purchased the last year.

The gamers could download and use Snatch for searching Marmite icons on a map. While finding an icon mini-game is with virtual jar Marmite, placed on the small pedestal, which bursts out the floor, is launched.

The gamer is asked, whether he or she «was born for love (Lover)» or «was born a hater». Having answered the question, the user gets a randomly chosen prize. It could be an individual jar Marmite or exclusive gold jar.

Auction house Boningtons has evaluated the jar, immersed in 18-carat gold with the name of brand, engraved upon it, in 1500 pound sterling.

Those, who were not lucky to win a gold jar of limited edition could buy its copy for 145£ at site, which had been designed in cooperation with the gild of engravers of London.

Kate Taylor Tatt, head of Snatch marketing department in Britain, told: «AR offers a new way of interaction with users. Integrating technology engages gamers with increased level of interactivity, which had not been previously accessible for telephones. It’s a great opportunity for the brands to increase their interaction with potential clients».

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