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AR App/Event

Business objectives: to inspire festival visitors, make the show full of magic and create a positive emotional connection between the participants and the 1 + 1 TV channel brand.


Firstly, thousands of children drew their dreams on paper. Then with our mobile app Промінь Мрiй (The beam of dreams), thousands of people on the street were watching children's dreams coming to life and flying into space in the middle of the light show on the Kyiv City Hall frontage.

The projection mapping was the main difficulty in this project. To be specific, there were special projectors that projected video slides on the building. This video was a marker for AR launching. While the huge slides and animations were demonstrated on the building, people could watch children's drawings coming to life and flying into space to come true with the help of the AR app.

A charity fund invited us to become a part of this project. They collected thousands of children's drawings, and we helped to pick out the most suitable pictures for AR technology. Then our team created tridimensional and brighter models inspired by these drawings. Then we animated these 3D models and created an AR app with all these animations.

Outcome: It turned out to be an amazing AR show, and this grand project was fully paid off. Thousands of enthusiastic whistles, cheering and applause were proof of this.

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