Live Animations is the 2020 leader in AR / VR

Our team consists of 3D modelers, designers, 3D animators, developers, UI / UX designers, and project managers. Since 2014 we develop loyalty programs based on advanced AR technologies for large retailers and kids&family brands around the world.

The project that we develop is never finished until our client is completely satisfied with it. Our team is always in the process of creating and we regularly update our Clutch profile with new projects.

What makes Live Animations so special?

Clutch is a platform that regularly publishes customers’ feedback about their experience working with a Clutch-registered company.

We currently have 19 verified reviews, which has allowed us to get a 5-star rating. That makes us very proud of our work.

We are committed to creating our profiles and to providing the best service possible using clients’ feedback.

Honest feedback about our work, whether it is positive or negative, is invaluable for our entire team. Each criticism helps us to draw certain conclusions, and bring changes in order to improve our relations with clients. Moreover, these reviews help to improve external communication and work processes in our company.

The Clutch Leaders Matrix in a particular industry is the most impressive and meaningful part of the Clutch research methodology for us. And we’re so proud to be ranked #6 on their Top Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality Developers matrix!

This ranking is fully automated according to several criteria and it is impossible to manually influence it, which makes it objective and useful for analytics.

We have also been featured on the Manifest, clutch’s sister site, thanks to our clients’ honest feedback.

The Manifest compiles how-to business guides, business survey data, and company shortlists to help businesses around the world build their brands and achieve sustainable growth over time. The platform's mission is to provide practical business wisdom that translates into success. We are proud to announce that Live Animations has entered the TOP 10 world's best Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality Developers took 7th place.

The Live Animations team would like to thank all the employees who have contributed to our company's success.

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