Live Animations is a 5-Star Agency

Augmented reality (AR) has gone from being a far-off concept in science fiction movies to a real technology that is disrupting a variety of industries, from education to medicine. AR has implications for dramatically changing the way we solve everyday problems.

Here at Live Animations, we’ll harness the power of AI and make it work toward your business goals. Our team remains at the forefront of AR/VR development — but our expertise doesn’t stop there. We also have experience in creating successful loyalty programs for retailers and brands. Whether your goal is to boost sales, improve customer engagement, stand out among competitors, or all of the above — you can rely on our expertise and quality of work.

Why choose Live Animations for your tech needs? Here are 3 good reasons:

  1. The average rating of the apps we’ve developed is 4.5, and the industry average is 3.6.

  2. According to The Manifest, a business insights and how-tos site, we’re among the top 10 AR/VR companies in New York City!

  3. In 2020 included in the TOP 10 best companies in the world in the field of AR / VR

Having a Clutch profile is a win for us and a win for our clients. Having access to such thorough and in-depth reviews allows us to continuously improve and refine our processes. Meanwhile, it gives potential buyers a genuine look at what it’s like to work with us — and, according to our reviews, it’s pretty amazing to work with us!

Clutch only accepts unbiased feedback from verified clients, which makes our perfect 5-star rating particularly honorable. One of our recent reviews came from Oriflame Cosmetics, a global beauty company that sells directly to consumers all over the world. When they were launching a new mascara product, they wanted to create an Instagram filter — a great example of an AR technology that we interact with every day — that would let users see what the makeup looks like on them.

Oriflame didn’t have experience working with AR, so they began looking for a creative agency. They considered companies in the UK, Brazil, Amsterdam, and Poland and ultimately settled on Live Animations based on our portfolio, experience, cost, and communication abilities.

Our team created the filter, which was ultimately about a lot more than makeup — it was about making women look great, feel confident, and have fun. We added custom music and background that changed from black and white to color.

Oriflame was very pleased with the quality of work we delivered. They launched the filter in 20 markets across Central and Southern Europe; within the first week of launch, they saw more than 250,000 impressions and 1,400 captures. They report receiving great feedback from vendors and an increase in their target audience of younger consumers.

The creator and owner of Live Animations, Andrey Tymoshenko, notes:

“Gathering customer feedback after the launch of the project is one of the key points in the work of our company. Customer feedback helps us to constantly improve our products, grow, develop and quickly fix any problems. We want to thank all our clients who gave us the opportunity to implement such exciting projects! Our team is ready to realize your dreams and visions. ”

Of course, our AR expertise extends well beyond Instagram filters, as our Clutch profile will show; we’ve developed AR apps, games, storybooks, rubrics, and other custom solutions. If you’re interested in seeing our work in action, check out some of our projects online — and then contact us here!

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