Live Animations` experience: augmented reality as an effective marketing tool

Augmented Reality (AR) is an effective marketing tool that creates a new unique brand world, strengthens its advantages in the existing reality and gives the user a unique multimedia experience of interaction with the product.

AR is a tool that can be used for almost any product and service to enhance or emphasize brand properties.

Augmented reality is solution # 1, if:

AR is a marketing tool that gives your customers a unique user experience and highlights the strengths of your brand.

+ 25% increase in frequency of purchases;

+ 43% increase in product value;

7x increase in the time of product interaction;

+ 30% increase in the number of purchases.

We at Live Animations are engaged in the development of marketing campaigns with AR for children's and family brands. Therefore, we illustrate our applications with augmented reality to highlight the power of innovations for brand promotion.

Hippo Magic

Hippo Magic application for a series of children's books with AR: Little Red Riding Hood, Three Little Pigs, Velvet Rabbit, Masha and the Three Bears.

The business task was to bring the product of Little Hippo to the Walmart supermarket chain. The result − Walmart has ordered all 4 editions, the first edition of which was 250,000 units. Also, four new books were ordered for the start of the school season and for Christmas.

On June 7, 2018, together with Little Hippo, we received the Parents Choice Award - a prestigious world award for a series of children's books with augmented reality.

Alice in Wonderland

Wonderland AR − an application for Alice in Wonderland with augmented reality for large retail. Business tasks − to increase the average check, to encourage customers of the supermarket chain to buy certain goods and attract new customers. The result − the first circulation in the amount of 275 000 was sold out in 2 weeks, the total number of downloads exceeded 258 000, the average check and the number of new visitors increased significantly. The application was included in the top of Play Market and Google Play.

My Yeti

An augmented reality application My Yeti for ice cream producers.

The business task was to take leading positions in the market of the country in a short time.The result − the frequency of purchases grew by a factor of 2.5, and the marketing solution changed the motivation for buying goods. The product received gold at the International Advertising Festival in the nomination "Best Innovations in Advertising".

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