2 Christmas gifts: new books with augmented reality by Live Animations.

Live Animations and Little Hippo publisher have released two new books with augmented reality for the holiday season. “The Night Before Christmas” and “When I Dream of Christmas” immerse little readers in the atmosphere of a real, amazing acquaintances and fulfillment of all wishes.

"The Night Before Christmas"

A fascinating Christmas Eve story is what adventure lovers need for a holiday cheer. Children will be able to enjoy a fascinating story that depicts a new look at the traditional holiday with the help of innovative technologies. The characters come alive right on the pages of the book, sharing all the secrets of this wonderful time of the year with the reader.

"When I Dream of Christmas"

Who wants to visit the house of Santa Claus? Thanks to the augmented reality technology, this journey has now become possible. This is an interactive collection of Christmas stories that will create a fun atmosphere for you. Characters come alive right on the pages of the book. You can make toys, wrap presents, play snowballs with Santa Claus, learn everything about the lives of elves, and have a cup of hot cocoa with marshmallows while sitting by the fireplace.

Augmented reality is the true magic available to everyone. Merry Christmas!

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