Live Animations and Ugears Together Have Created Innovative Retail Loyalty Program

Billa has launched a unique loyalty program for its supermarket chain in Ukraine.

The new loyalty program for the Billa supermarket chain, developed by the Live Animations and Ugears teams, consists of two parts.

In the first one, supermarket customers can buy at a special price self-assembly toys that include agricultural equipment and farm animals. They also can buy a diorama on which all the collected toys will create a real farm and become movable.

In the second part, each toy can be scanned and placed in a specific place in the virtual Farm. These users can feed ducklings, fix a tractor, or repair farm buildings. There are 75 different activities for 25 characters in total. After all the farm chores are done, users will be able to create their own tracks using the sounds of collected animals and equipment in a special AR app.

Such a combination of real and digital worlds is designed to maximize consumer interest in the loyalty program and significantly increase check averages.

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