Lego uses Apple's newest Augmented Reality in the Playgrounds app.

In 2018, Lego demonstrated its new application on the iPhone presentation. Now it has been released in the App Store and shows several new features that are available in ARKit 2.0.

The Playgrounds application discovers the world of multiplayer games with augmented reality. Using the general features of ARKit, you can scan Lego game sets using object recognition tools.

“Today, children master the art of finding new kinds of the game, and Lego playgrounds will provide a “live ”opportunity for testing and direct learning with them. This is a truly unique way to participate in a fun and experimental manner, bringing them closer to our innovative process. Having this direct connection with users allows the exchange of the latest gaming experiences, which is very interesting and useful for children. It is also useful for our Lego design and development team. “We can use reviews to make the launch process even better and more interesting,” says Tom Donaldson, vice president of the Creative Play Lab at the Lego Group.

The application can be downloaded for free without advertising. But in order to fully unlock the game, users will have to buy Lego Ninjago Dragon Hunters Dieselnaut ($ 109.99) and Dragon's Pit ($ 129.99) game sets. If you need to test the game before you buy it, five free levels are available in the application. You only need a flat surface for fastening 3D content.

Players can create and share virtual objects to shape improvised structures, enhance the capabilities of objects to develop the abilities of their character and fight for high scores.

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