Lebron James scores a point with the help of augmented reality

In Los Angeles, visitors of the House of Hoops by Foot Locker store , which belongs to the Nike brand, with the help of augmented reality can see how famous basketball player Lebron James scores a point. To do so, they have to use new Snapchat filter. The king of the basketball comes to life from a poster and in slow motion makes his signature throw. While the 2D image of the legendary athlete turns into 3D image, the speed of everything that is happening increases, so the final moment of the throw seems extremely realistic. 

This experience in augmented reality amazed not only basketball fans, but also Lebron himself. Athlete posted an AR-video in his Twitter account with a #Striveforgreatness hashtag. In the first hour, this tweet got more than 1, 25 million views. At the moment, there are 2 million views, 10 thousand retweet and 58 thousand likes. 

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