Innovative marketing approach from IKEA

In the last few decades, new discoveries and approaches have arisen on the border of two or more human activities. Swedish furniture giant IKEA has decided to increase the sales of baby cribs by using the opportunities of marketing and medicine.

To pass a pregnancy test, a woman needs to follow a simple instruction. First up, it is necessary to put on a few drops of urea into the pipette and pee them to a marked area under the Crib image on the magazine page and wait a few minutes. If the result is positive, then the cost of the baby crib will decrease twice. A red label appears with the price. No standard two strips. Only members of the IKEA Family Bonus Club have the right to a discount.

The original advertisement appeared in the magazine "Amelia". This is the most popular Swedish edition for women.

IKEA also used services of professional marketers to create advertising. An interesting idea belongs to the Swedish creative agency Åkestam Holst.

At IKEA they emphasize that advertising can change life, and it does not seems like an overstatement. The Company offers products for everyday and any situations use. Its motto is "Where life happens".

Marketing does not stand still. Companies are looking for new approaches to attract customers. Of course, not all liked the idea of pregnancy test in the magazine. But IKEA has been widely publicized as an organization that implements original innovations.

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