In the center of hurricane: weather forecasts with augmented reality

American TV-company TheWeatherGroup has declared launching of weather forecasts with use of technology of augmented reality. Together with interactive consulting design agency TheFutureGroup weather forecasts will become more captivating for the viewers. They will have an ability to feel the weather conditions due to advanced technologies. 

For the forecasts of TheWeatherChannel will be used the same technologies as those in video games Fortnite and StarWars. With the use of this technology were reconstituted the cities, local streets and rotes, which had suffered from tornados, hurricanes and storms. 

«In our broadcasts we shall combine panoramic Full HD with elements of augmented reality, in order to watch inside the natural disasters in real time regime», − comments Michael Potts, vice-president of Design for TheWeatherGroup. 

The spectator could bring could feel him- or herself onto the scene of inundations or a hurricane, and weatherman could give him or herself a tour out of the studio and explain all the details of the ongoing events. 

«Employment of FrontlineFutureGroup on platform UnrealEngine for weather forecasts presents an innovation. We are glad to make investments in cutting-edge technologies, which are not only ahead the time, but also represent a boundary of the design and science», added Potts.  

For 2018 the company plans increasing their investment in original programming for weather forecasts in two times. We will have 85 hours allocated for presentation of the project.

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