HTC held to host annual conference in VR to mitigate coronavirus risk

The prospect of using AR / VR technology has been obvious for a long time. However, recent events have extremely actualized the translation of business processes and communications into virtual and augmented reality.

HTC ideally fell into the global trend by hosting the first-ever major VIVE Ecosystem Conference (V²EC) in full virtual reality.

The event was attended by more than two thousand participants from 55 countries. All of them, in the form of avatars, interacted with each other and with a specially created space.

The organizers chose the ENGAGE VR system from Immersive VR Education (IVRE) as the platform for this event, as it allowed visitors to interact in the 1: 1 format and also provided high visual quality.

The main outcome document of the conference was a memorandum on strategic cooperation between the NTS and China Mobile, whose goal is the joint creation of the XR ecosystem in an extremely short time.

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