Happy April Fools! Here is a magic AR-filter for you!

We were thinking long and hard about how to congratulate everyone we value with April Fools Day, which has also fallen on Monday this year and this fact hardly makes it any funnier. What we knew for sure is that we need to refrain from posting one of those stale you-have-something-on-your-shirt jokes. That’s why we decided to do what we usually do - create some magic and impress!

And this is how the idea was born to present you with our signature wizard hat, the one that even the most powerful magicians from Hogwarts would be jealous of! Whenever it’s owner smiles and laughs it does the same! It will appreciate your most hilarious jokes and those, you know, regular ones too.

Scan a QR code on a picture or follow the link below to add our LA Magic Hat to your Facebook effects. Make funny selfies, share them with friends using #liveanimations hashtag, and smile!


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