Gucci offer an opportunity to try their new line of sneakers in AR

The new virtual try-on feature was developed by a Belarus-based AR studio Wannaby and integrated into an existing Gucci mobile app. Using the AR features of iOS, the app tracks movements and shape of users’ feet and overlays digital copies of new sneakers over users’ feet. In this way, by launching the app and pointing the camera down, users could try-on the new luxury sneakers and see them from all sides. For now, the AR function is only available for iOS devices.

By offering this digital try-on option to their customers, Gucci shot two birds with one stone, as they both give the convenience to try-on the sneakers wherever the customer is and could better learn customers’ expectations about the new products.

However, Gucci is not the first brand that adds AR into their marketing mix. They join the line of brands that include Adidas, Nike, and Allbirds, which already used the potential of AR to offer better customer experience via try-on apps.

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