Form releases the first-ever AR swimming goggle

The new swimming goggles from Form can track swimming speed, tempo, and help swimmers to adjust their performance in the real-time. The device’s hardware consists of a gyroscope, waveguide, and a battery, which could work for 16 hours on a single charge. The information is provided to a user via subtle LCD screens (only one LCD screen could be active, either for right or left eye). After selecting the size of a pool through a very basic twp-button interface, the goggles could track laps or distance.

Watch how these glasses work here.

In this basic set of features, Form’s founder Dan Eisenhardt sees this device’s advantage comparing to other AR-active goggles because it provides the users with the info they really need and in real-time.

The price of these AR goggles is $199 at Form’s official website.

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