First-ever musical with AR

The premiere of the first musical “Out There” with AR and @Magic Leap One at the Comic-Con Paris festival of pop culture took place in Paris on the last weekend of October 2019. This premiere combines music, storytelling, and cutting-edge innovative technology to connect into one entertaining premiere.

This is the story of a young girl who wants to know the world outside her room, in which she lived her whole life.

Wilkins Avenue, the Out Out production company, created and developed the project as a combination of real-time 3D animation and traditional 2D character design, which combine and blend perfectly with the physical world of the audience, bringing imagination and bewitching effects to the surroundings. Moreover, each visitor through Magic Leap points will be able to communicate with the characters and influence individual characters or props.

This is a real innovation when the audience will have their own personal experience and simply enchanting show individually for each.

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