Fashion Week in New York: virtual reality and clever clothes

Samsung is in the forefront of technological progress, which once again proved, presenting the first ever fully computerized fashion show. The presentation was developed and filmed especially for displaying collections in virtual reality glasses.

The presentation was held under the title “Dreams of Italy” and all the spectators provided an opportunity to stroll through the streets of Milan without leaving their seats in the exhibition hall. Unfortunately, for now it is only possible to stroll in virtual reality on a previously prepared route, which was taken with the help of a panoramic video camera.

In addition to the opportunity to make a promenade through the picturesque streets of the fashionable capital, viewers of the presentation could carefully consider the 3D models of clothing from the current collections. With the help of this technology, people will no longer need to visit stores in order to take a closer look at the clothes of interest.

Virtual reality will be an excellent platform for the promotion of goods, so that trading houses will be able to quickly implement exclusive products of their own production. The ability to collect in real time a large amount of data on the interest of a collection by buyers is an additional advantage of a platform based on virtual reality.

The “Instant store” (a trading platform that opens for several months), which was opened in New York by the famous model and designer Olivia Palermo is another example of innovative solutions in the fashion field. In this store, buyers were able to learn more about the products displayed by watching panoramic video from the presentation of the “defile of red dresses”.

Presentation of “smart” clothes

In the fashion week, other innovations were presented, such as smart, programmable clothing. In this regard, especially distinguished company Lenovo, which showed capsular clothing made of PVC and latex. You can write absolutely any inscriptions on clothes that will emphasize the individuality of the owner of technological products. In essence, the technology allows you to constantly change the text print on clothes, which will be illuminated by LEDs. Editing an inscription occurs with the help of a special application on the Smartphone.

The announcement of cooperation between Samsung and the men's clothing brand “DYNE” was one of the most unusual examples of innovations in the fashion industry. In each element of clothing will be sewed special labels that will contain comprehensive information about the model in question, the entire collection and designer. Information from tags is read using Smartphones, the technology is analogous to reading QR codes.

Marketing with the help of virtual reality technology will help not only to more effectively sell products of fashion houses in retail, but also to collect a large amount of information about prefer the potential buyers of clothes.

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