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HR Director

We change the world of marketing for the better, every day creating magic for brands around the world. Join our team and take a step into the future!

Live Animations is a team that creates WOW products every day. We work with those who sincerely love what they do. We create real magic, opening up unlimited opportunities for innovative technologies to users. If you know how to change the world for the better with AR, we are always happy with one more wizard in the team.

We are now looking for a Lead Designer (UI) who will be drawing graphical materials for our projects and making interfaces of our mobile apps even more engaging and child-friendly.

You are our ideal candidate if:

  • you have good artistic taste

  • you like working according to deadlines

  • you know how to manage priorities and correctly estimate task completion terms

  • you have your own portfolio

To join and create magic with us you need:

  • experience of 3 years and more

  • proficiency in Photoshop and Illustrator

  • experience in color-correction and collaging

Would be an advantage if:

  • you know Adobe Animate CC, Adobe After Effects

  • have experience of working with a team of designers

You will fall in love with our team in no time! Here is why:

  • we will create an innovative product for children together

  • you will become a part of a top notch team of professionals

  • we have a bright and spacious office located right at Livoberezhna underground station

P. S. Be ready to complete a brief technical task and I’m sure that I’ll see you soon!

Live Animations is an international IT-company that develops products with augmented reality (AR).

How we differ from other companies? We have a goal: “Create magic!” and we are moving toward it confidently.

Read our success story on the website: https://liveanimations.org/about.

If you can prove that you were an effective specialist that delivers real results in the circumstances of tough competition, both at home and at work; if you helped people, without the fear of responsibility and that you are able to make the right decisions, stand up for the company’s interests and make anybody fall in love with our company, we are looking for you!

What will your responsibilities be?

- search and single out the most talented and productive candidates;
- guide interns through the introductory week and internship
- form employees’ job position folders
- prepare contracts for employees

Experience does not matter, we will teach everything you need.

What important, is your achievements in life or in previous companies – of you can easily tell about them and describe them, send them to hr@liveanimations.org and by tomorrow you will have our invite for the interview!

We are looking for a topnotch 2D Designer

You are our perfect candidate if you:

  • Work in Photoshop (for at least one year)

  • Have a strong command of Illustrator, PowerPoint, Acrobat

  • Know how to make collages and post processing

  • Know typography in-and-out

  • Know the basics of text layout (in presentations)

Your task will be to create AWESOME promotional materials for attraction of new clients and partners ☺

More specifically, you will:

  • Create presentational materials and infographics

  • Visualize PR-materials

  • Develop visualization of our company’s cases for our website

It will be an advantage if you have experience of working as a web-designer

You will fall in love with us right away, you know why?

Many tasks! Interesting work! Colossal experience!

And, all in all, because we:

  • Are a dream team! I know that all HRs say that, but I truly have 100% confidence in us

  • We have goals! We know clearly what we want to achieve! That is why we never have problems – only tasks. And those tasks are interesting

A week of working with us will be enough for you to realize that we are your second family!)

Email your resume to hr@liveanimations.org and be prepared for a brief Technical Task.


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