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Develop a unique game for a special Easter loyalty promotion called "Egg Club." The challenge was to seamlessly integrate the game into the Silpo supermarket chain's app, allowing all app users to join the loyalty promotion and earn exclusive bonuses and prizes from the supermarket.

Main goals of the project:


Our team developed and integrated a special game called "Egg Club" into the Silpo app. This gave users a unique opportunity to join the loyalty promotion online and receive prizes and promotional offers from the supermarket chain.

"Egg Club" is where eggs from around the world compete in battles to make it to the top ten leaderboard. Every Silpo customer gained access to the club by simply opening the Silpo app, tapping on the online game, and choosing their egg character.

The main mission was to crush opponents to reach the top ten and win super prizes from Silpo. Alternatively, users could play on the website, but rewards could only be used in the mobile app. By winning battles, users earned points that could be exchanged for special discounts from Silpo. Each player received special offers from the chain. By purchasing partner products, users could unlock new skins for their characters, with a total of 24 available. We also added the option to compete not only against random characters but also against friends.


We successfully generated high customer interest and attracted over 100,000 players. The program further enhanced customer loyalty, with over 50,000 discounts from the supermarket chain distributed through the game during the loyalty promotion period. Since launch, more than 1,000,000 games have been played, including over 100,000 played online with friends. Thousands of new users installed the Silpo app during the campaign, solidifying the project's success. This enabled us to expand the customer base, increase brand recognition, and enhance the loyalty of existing consumers.

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