Domino's has released an application to let users create a pizza using AR

Domino's worldwide chain of pizzerias has released an application with augmented reality, which enables customers to make their favorite pizza using various combinations of ingredients. The app will run in the pizzeria chain in Australia.

Using innovative technologies customers are offered a new pizza creation experience.

“Google ARCore and Apple ARKit use the smartphone camera to provide a stable and comprehensive picture of the space around our customers. Such an approach gives them the opportunity to see the pizza they dream about right in front of them and look at it from all angles,” claims Michael Gillespie, chief executive officer for digital and technological issues of the Domino's Group.

Customers are are not limited to making the pizza of their dreams using different ingredients, but may also get access to the full Domino’s menu, all promotions and special offers. The New Pizza Chef provides GPS Driver Tracker technology that allows customers to track their order.

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