Demonstration of products using Magik Book

The product Magik Book created by this Company contains both modern and traditional ways of transmitting information to a potential buyer. An ordinary glossy magazine in combination with digital technologies offers customers of salons and visitors of the showroom to take a fresh look at the product. Manufacturer using Magik Bookgets the opportunity to stand out from the total mass of offers on the market due to an unusual way of providing information about the product.

It would seem that an ordinary tablet, synchronized with brochures about the product, is able to reveal all the characteristics easily. The custom iOS/Android application can be adapted to the specific needs of any company-manufacturer. To get complete information it is enough just to put the brochure in front of the tablet, as on its screen the playback of the accompanying information will begin. The image or video review revealing the characteristics of the next product will be changed when a page is turned. In addition, it is possible to view panoramic photos, interactive video, animated 3D product models.

However, the functionality does not end only with the possibility of full-scale viewing of the accompanying content. Brochures pages can have a link to the company's online store, which allows the user to get even more information about the product, as well as buy it.

The magnetic field technology used by the developers is patented; therefore not all features of its creation can be disclosed.

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