Coachella is now with AR!

The organizers of the fest decided to go full on with AR and implemented the technology right on one of the stages, through the fest’s mobile app. For the first time, fans could use their smartphones to activate AR while waiting for their favorite act and turn the stage into a space scene. By scanning the huge screens that surrounded the state with the app, fans could witness how spaceships, planets, astronauts, and other space object came to life right in front of them in AR.

And it gets even better, as all AR content was programmed in a way that it reacted to every artist’s set, fans movements, and all surroundings! In this way, AR content was available for activation before, during, and after performances, making the stage into a futuristic space scene.

Although it is not the the first implementation of AR for a musical event (Eminem did this trick last year), but the Coachella’s scale and approach to turn the entire stage into an interactive AR theater really impresses. As AR integrates more into such huge events, this is another sign that the world is ready for further implementation of AR.

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