Brazilian football player Marcelo Vieira appeared in several locations at once using AR

The INDRA BroadcastAR Interactive system debuted with the participation of the Brazilian football player of Real Madrid club Marcelo Vieira at the Adidas Tango tournament in Los Angeles in June 2018. This was followed by similar events in Berlin, Madrid, Milan and Paris, related to the start of the FIFA World Cup. Participants of Tango League were able to meet with Marcelo and surprise him with his football tricks, resulting in a star football player came to life in all locations in real time using AR technology.

Since the first installations of the Tango League, which have generated great interest in the AR platform and technologies, the system has been activated in several places and various events throughout Europe, including the Adidas stores in Budapest and Bratislava, the FIFA eWorld Cup in London, the shopping center in Prague and the event of Tango League in Amsterdam.

 "BroadcastAR has always provided a unique way for people to interact with virtual characters and creatures. We have always looked for ways to improve the opportunity for the audience to enjoy a deeper immersion and a connection with our characters. BroadcastAR Interactive is the first step towards an exciting experience using a natural user interface for seamless integration, " Norbert Kovacs, technical director of INDE states.

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