BMW at your home: how to use AR for the brand’s marketing campaign

Richard Cumming, co-founder of studio «Twogoats» has conducted an analysis, how the brands, such as BMW, apply augmented reality in order to help their buyers visualize the product and adapt in to their interior. 

AR gives to retail buyers new opportunities, making the brand’s recognition easier and strengthening their confidence to it. Viewing a product in AR on their proper gadgets is a sort of confidence game with the buyers. It creates an impression that you owe a product in some sense, and not just only watch it on a web-page. It is connected with tactile potential of augmented reality – with this technology it’s possible to project an image or information into the real world with a help of a smartphone. 

For example, potential car owners could download BMW application onto their gadgets and test the chosen vehicle in the environment wished, in order to study a car of their dream. You can watch your car in real time, choose its model, its color, changing the cars wheels and car’s interior.  

«Our vehicles are emotional products, and, in order to experience an emotion, you should actually test the product», has commented Andrea Castronovo, vice president of BMW Group on sales strategy and retail trade, when this function has been launched last year for the first time. Creating such an experience, BMW seeks to augment a level of the clients’ satisfaction in a way of creating the client’s emotional interaction with a product, which does not require making of a visit to the company’s office. 

More than 52% consumers perceive the brands, which use the latest technologies for promotion of their products, as more reliable and market leading companies, than those who do practice this. 

Ability of viewing products in АR in environment close to the buyer and selection of special properties for it provides him or her range of advantages. On example of BMW one could see, how the application with augmented reality can ensure an intended emotional experience even for those, who could not afford themselves buying a car and thus such people serve a marketing instrument for the company. It’s a win-win strategy for brands, which means they will adopt and it will become it more and more popular. 

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